In the south of Sweden ….

Send….. in the nice little town called Lidhult, about 40 km from Halmstad, we have our workshop and store. There we have a large stock of old Swedish furniture such as old cupboards, sofas, tables, chairs and various old utensils. All of these items have already had a life behind them and show clear signs of use. But furniture from the far north of Sweden are of good quality and bear witness to solid handiwork. And that is beautiful. The one thinks that too and wants to leave it that way, while another wants to do something about it. Which can. You do it yourself or we do it for you, according to your wishes. The choice is yours.

Did you find something of your interest in our store? Are you looking for something specific for your interior with which we could help you searching and finding? Do you need some help with maintaining your holiday home? Just let us know and let’s see whether we can do something for you. Send us a mail, share your wishes and we will get in contact.